How do I install the intake system?
Please see our install video instructions.
Does FCI have different size carb adapters for different carburetors?
Yes, we make one for the 39 FCR and bigger.
Do you have lids for the air boxes for the KFX & Raptor?
Do your air filters come pre oiled?
What kind of cleaning products do you use for your filters?
K&N standard cleaning kit.
If I run the air box will I loose horsepower?
No, the power gains are the same due to our proper spacing between the box and the filter.
How do I determine if I should run an air box version or a non-air box version?
Depends on where you ride. If you ride in wet & muddy conditions, you should use the box version.
Do you have to use the provided outerwear with the filter?
No, but it is recommended to prolong the filter life.